GRECO’s highly trained, professional team has the skill and ability to handle your next construction project.

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Our work force consists of 450 highly skilled concrete tradesmen dedicated to completing your project safely, on time, and within budget.

Our Process

Planning our work prior to mobilizing allows us to hit the ground running. Our staff builds the project in the office long before we step out on site. Our pre-planning process increases productivity, improves project workflow, reduces mistakes, helps identify potential hazards and improves our chance of exceeding client expectations.

Execution of our plan requires great people. Greco staff members are proactive, self-motivated, ambitious, innovative, consistent, well-organized, and highly focused on delivering great results on every project. Our skilled team executes the plan safely, efficiently, and effectively every time.


Continuous Improvement is the key to our success. We monitor each project closely and work on refining and improving our processes each day.

Greco’s Services Include:

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)


Tilt Wall Panels

Slab on Grade

Concrete Paving and Sidewalks

Elevated Concrete Construction

Crawl Space Concrete Construction

Architectural Concrete

Concrete Levee Construction

Drilled Piers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you operate outside the Houston area?

Yes, our teams are actively working throughout Texas.

Are you fully bonded?

Yes, we are bonded up to $50 million.

Do you perform elevated concrete work?

Yes, we do flat-slab, pan-deck, slab-and-beam, and more to meet your project’s requirements.

Do you build stadiums?

Yes, stadium builds are one of our core competencies.

Do you perform your own earthwork?

In true partnering spirit, Greco Structures supports our clients with earthmoving operations as an added value when performing structural concrete.